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We trust in Nature

Trust in Nature

We as the promoters of “urban organics” already have a construction company, specialised in customised housing, where we have successfully completed many projects and are going strong form the past 16 years, our passion to create awareness to the general public and families with regard to whatever resources they have in hand. Real estate is precious, but we are leaving all our open spaces like open roofs, terraces, balconies and open lands/plots in our midst to go waste which we can convert them into the beautiful garden, consisting of organic vegetables, green leaves, flowers, herbs etc. Thus we can have a healthy, Hygienic and nutritious food.

To spread this message to one and all we have initiated urban organics, a private organization that strives hard to deal with the complications encountered due to adulterated practices in producing raw food.

Grow your own food & that’s what we help you in. We at urban organics provide solutions from crop to chop. Utilizing the terrace spaces that are left unused for terrace grading lets grow our own crop by following natural yet sustainable methods of cultivation

And that’s not all from us yet. If you happen to have a land we also master in setting up organics farms.A team of qualified professionals are given charge of the farm to get the best possible organic produce which will give a healthy & nutritious food for generations to come.

We request each and every family to let their open roofs, terraces, lawns, courtyards and open plot to “URBAN ORGANICS” & we promise to convert them into useful, healthy, beautiful organic gardens.

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When one teaches, two learn.

    ESTHER P BORGAVI Managing Partner
    PHILIP BORGAVI Managing Director


Best Clients

  • Greenery has always been my passion and nature has always been my love. Thanks, Urban Organics for bringing both together into existing at my own place.

    Stephanie Raj Constructions
  • Plants have always been my stress busters. Great Initiative by Mr. Philip to transform my roof into a green garden. I enjoy growing my own food.

    Ramesh Kandula Bussiness Man
  • Was a surprise but yet a reality. Thank you so much Urban Organics your team has supported me thoroughly to live up my wish.

    Sharan Sukumar Teacher
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